Scavenger hunt list

Thursday, August 18 2016

Scavenger hunt
Make a pyramid with the whole team

Take a picture with someone who works at Menards

Act out a movie scene at the movie theater

Hang upside on monkey bars while making monkey noises

Take a selfie with the whole team in front of Muth’s favorite fast food restaurant

Fit all the group members onto a slide at a park (a different park than what was used for the monkey bars)

Find a license plate from out of state

Buy the largest slurpee from Shell and see how many people can drink out of it at the same time (using straws!!)

Take a picture doing the dab with a YHS teacher (Can’t be Vriezen or Muth)

Spell out the word XC in front of the post office

Get a pizza box from a pizza place

Take a picture shaking hands with a fireman/police officer

Have a pretend Wedding in the gazebo in Town Square

Using the pizza box as a garbage can, pick up 5 pieces of trash you find along the way

Take a picture with a bald man

Sing or whistle the National Anthem in front of an American Flag (not the one at the track)

Take a picture of a teammate doing a random act of kindness

Rap about the flavor of the day in front of Culvers